15 July 2013

Did Brother Felix Y. Manalo Raped Rosita Trillanes?


By Dave Lawrence Michaels, Ph.D.

I am Dave Lawrence Michaels, a history professor. When I was attending the Bible Studies for those being prepared for baptism in the Church of Christ, a friend of mine approach me and told me many negative things about Brother Felix Y. Manalo to discourage me in entering the Iglesia Ni Cristo. He said, “browse the internet and you will find the truth about Felix Manalo.” So, I did. I was shock about many things published in the internet against Brother Felix Y. Manalo, and I admit, it discouraged me to continue attending the Bible Studies of this Church. However, I managed to talk to a minister of the Church of Christ, a Church historian, a fellow historiographer. He showed me concrete evidences refuting those many accusations and allegations against Brother Felix Y. Manalo. Thank God for that. Today, I am an active member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, and very much active in sharing my faith. Actually, this article is based on the research the minister I mentioned above who became a good friend of mine. Please read it with an open mind.

ATTACKING THE CHARACTER of a person is an act of desperation, because this shows that they cannot refute his teachings that’s why they resort to attacking the person instead of the teachings or doctrines he is preaching. This fallacy is called “argumentum ad hominem.” Yes, it’s an act of desperation and truly a fallacy. However, this is what the detractors of Brother Felix Y. Manalo and the detractors of the Iglesia ni Cristo are doing.

What exposed their real intention is the fact that although they have no concrete evidences, just baseless accusations and allegations, however, they will still use it, publish it, spread it. Many times, concrete evidences were already shown to refute their allegations, but they intentionally and totally ignored them and will continue to spread their baseless allegations and accusations because their intention is not to expose the truth, but to impose a negative impression on the person being attack (“manira lamang”). Thus, it is not surprising that after their allegations were proven false or refuted, they will invent more and more lies against the person they attack.

This is indeed what they are doing against Brother Felix Y. Manalo and the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

04 July 2013

Relevance and Importance of God's Messengers

The Relevance Of God’s Messenger To Man’s Salvation

WITH THE EMERGING religious fervor among many people today, the belief that anyone can serve and worship God directly without someone teaching him how to do it properly has also become commonplace. This is bolstered by the notion of some religious quarters that salvation is simply a matter of establishing direct and personal relationship with God and that it could be attained by performing charitable works and by doing good to one’s fellowmen. That possessing good conscience, being religious and godly, and neither trampling on other’s people’s rights nor doing any evil to others make one worthy of God’s favor and His promised salvation. People who adhere to the aforementioned principle often do not recognize the importance and relevance of God’s messenger to their relationship with Him, dismissing the concept of God’s commissioning as superfluous.

Are these people right in discarding God’s messenger in their religious life?